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Impact focused product leader with a passion for software. I occasionally write blog posts here.

New York City, NY

This is me

Below you'll find some of the things I've been involved with professionally over the last 10 years.

Big Health

At the end of 2022 I joined Big Health as VP Product. Big Health's mission is to provide clinical grade, drug-free treatments for mental health conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. I'm excited to both work on their existing products Sleepio and Daylight as well as expand the overall product portfolio.

Carbon Health

As a part of the acquistion of Steady Health I joined Carbon as the General Manager of diabetes and chronic care.→ Carbon Health Acquisition announcement

Steady Health

In 2019 I opened Steady, the first diabetes clinic in the US specializing in CGM and data analysis. In 2021, the product & team got acquired by Carbon Health.→ steady.health


Led one of Dropbox's three product pillars, responsible for new, collaborative, products for teams as well as a few core platforms. → dropbox.com

Readmill - The best way to read books on your phone

We believe reading should be a good and easily shareable experience and built Readmill to help fix the somewhat broken world of ebooks, and to create the best reading experience imaginable. Readmill launched in December 2011 and was built by a small and dedicated team from all over the world, based in Berlin. In April 2014 Dropbox acquired the team and product. → readmill.com

Direkt Ventures

An investment vehicle focused on product & technology driven founders. A collaboration between myself and my very good friends Eric Wahlforss, Alexander Ljung & Christophe Maire.→ direktventures.com

Angel investments (24)

I really enjoy spending time with founders and help them on their path to success. Occasionally I put some money behind it as well and here is a list of some of the companies I've had the privilege to work with:

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